Cover band, TV-show stars


NABIS, a remarkable cover band from Moscow, brings a captivating and versatile performance to the stage. Renowned for their exceptional talent and electrifying presence, NABIS has been a part of numerous prestigious television projects and shows, including Songs on TNT, The Voice, New Wave, Laima Voice, Muz TV, and many more. With a diverse repertoire spanning across various genres, NABIS delivers exceptional renditions of popular songs, captivating audiences with their remarkable vocal harmonies and dynamic musical arrangements. Whether it's a high-energy pop hit or a soulful ballad, NABIS consistently delivers a spellbinding performance that resonates with fans of all ages. With their extensive experience in the spotlight, NABIS possesses the ability to adapt to any stage, from intimate venues to grand stages. Their seamless blend of talent, charisma, and professionalism ensures an unforgettable experience for audiences of all sizes. Book NABIS for your event and elevate the entertainment to new heights with their remarkable musical prowess and electrifying stage presence.

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